Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Miss Universe 2013: Possible Winners - Miss Philippines

Since only 10 days for the coronation night of Miss Universe 2013.
In everyone's thoughts, "who will win?" "who'll be the next Miss Universe?" "who will take home the most coveted Diamond Nexus Crown of Miss Universe?"
In this thread, we will give you a quick review why these lovely ladies be in the TOP 5.

The last spot for Top 5 is for, Miss Philippines - Ariella Arida

As predicted Ariella Arida has become one of the hot picks for Miss Universe 2013 crown. She reminds us of Sushmita Sen and she is definitely gorgeous. Recently, Megan Young from the Philippines was crowned Miss World 2013 so all eyes are apparently fixated on Arida now. Arida gave Rappler.com an exclusive one-on-one-interview in which she revealed many aspects of her life.

 "I never thought that one day this dream of mine (to be a beauty queen) would come true. I was sporty when I was young. My friends will tell you I was boyish. I never wore heels until I was 21," she said explaining her tomboyish nature.

"After college, I modeled for a year. I was a technical sales executive. When the opportunity to join Bb. Pilipinas (local beauty pageant) came, I had to resign from my job and focus on the competition. Thank God my hard work paid off!" she added.

"They (Aces &Queens) saw my potential of becoming a beauty queen someday. At first, I really didn't think I could do it. I didn't even place in my first (small) pageant. I thought it wasn't for me. They believed there was something in me and that I could do it. They taught me everything - how to walk in heels, how to pose, how to answer, how to mingle with people," she explained her training with Aces & Queens.

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